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“I will be forever grateful to Zahava for her excellent care, compassion, and kindness. She listens, really listens, to your concerns without making you feel rushed. I am very active, but I was in a lot of pain that kept me from doing the things I love, like running. I’d tried everything from chiropractors to naprapathy to orthopedic physicians. Only acupuncture with Zahava made the difference. She has helped me get my body working it's best with very little pain throughout the day. It's amazing. She has also successfully treated my insomnia, digestive issues, and irregular periods. She’s particularly knowledgeable about women’s issues from hormones to mood disorders and anxiety.”

- Roberta 

“I first met Dr. Berkowicz after a miscarriage that was caused by a rare form of cancer; I was in a dark place, to say the least, and I attribute my full, holistic recovery (and current pregnancy!) to her. I am a physician myself and felt deeply that the best course of clinical action would be to bridge elements of Western and Alternative medical practices to ensure full recovery.  Dr. Berkowicz's clinical acumen, empathy, and passion for both healing and evidenced-based practice is one-of-a-kind. She is gentle and calming too - a rare find!  I recommend her constantly to my friends, family, and to my own patients.”

- Evita G.

"I have been struggling with migraines for over 10 years. I had a prescription from a neurologist that definitely helped, but I was nervous about all of the medication I was taking – especially because I was starting to think about starting a family! I feel so grateful that I found Zahava and she was able to help me start holistically treating my migraines. I was extremely nervous about acupuncture – I was afraid it would be too “different” for me. I was so wrong. Zahava is able to take Eastern medicine and completely integrate it with Western medicine. She never tries to push you into something you feel uncomfortable with, instead she does what most health care professionals forget is key – she listens.  She adjusts her treatments to you individually and she gave me advice on how to combat my migraines in multiple ways – diet, sleep habits, and acupuncture. Not only that, but Zahava’s treatments work! After committing to acupuncture one time a week for 4-5 months I noticed a dramatic change – I was getting fewer migraines and when I did get them they were not as intense as they used to be. I barely have to take my medication now! It was a gift and a privilege to be Zahava’s patient and I know that I will be going to her for years to come!"


"I would recommend this acupuncture clinic to anyone! A good one is so hard to find! Zahava and Gina are both so kind and professional to work with. They meet you where you are at, and are always looking for additional ways to help you feel better. They truly care for their patients!"


"Excellent experience with both Zahava and Gina. I've been to many acupuncturists over the years and there are only two places that I trust to actually make a difference in health conditions. These folks are local, up to date on current technologies and always training and researching to get even better at what they do. I highly recommend!!!"


"Dr. Z has been amazing through my various life journeys. From helping me to get pregnant to helping get some rest and relaxation. She is very knowledge in her field and you can really feel her love and passion for what she does. Driving from the city to see her in Glenview is always the highlight of my week. I am truly grateful to her and her magic points."


"Zahava and Gina have been a pleasure to be around for my treatments. They are very attentive and caring. Their energy is so positive and provides a calming experience. I go home every time relaxed and energized! Thank you so much!"


"Zahava works wonders. I have had significant hand pain due to trigger finger and was desperate to find a non-surgical alternative to deal with it. My acupuncture treatment has SIGNIFICANTLY reduced my pain, and I can now do day to day activities and exercises using my hand. Gina also supplied some valuable tips on nutrition books and healthy recipes I had been seeking. Highly recommend their services."


"I'm so glad i was referred to Dr Zahava. It took me a very long time to come because im absolutely petrified of needles and the thought of acupuncture was really out of my comfort zone. However i gave it a try and it is AMAZING. Dr Zahava was so amazing explaining everything to me and being super patient and understanding of my fear of needles. After just 1 session i was hooked- literally! I've been going every week and it has helped me tremendously with my breathing issues. I absolutely recommend Dr Zahava and if you feel like pampering yourself try a mini Gua sha facial with Gina- its like walking on cloud 9."


"I'm writing this review in the parking lot after Zahava's treatment and I feel I may have waited too long. The relief I felt was nothing short of incredible. I cannot thank Zahava and the very helpful staff at Chicago Family Acupunture enough for everything!"


"Highly recommend CFA for many reasons! Staff are very knowledgable, professional & provide a safe environment. I appreciate the time Zahava took in getting to know my concerns in order to develop the best treatment recommendations for me."


"I am so grateful that I found Chicago Family Acupuncture. The staff is extremely friendly and nurturing, and the care is wonderful. I initially sought out acupuncture to help with migraine headaches, and have found that it helps with far more than that! Zahava truly listens to me and provides me with treatments that are effective and healing. Beyond the actual treatment, Zahava and the staff often share other tips and techniques that have been extraordinarily helpful to me. I started as a new patient during the pandemic, and have always felt safe in the Chicago Family Acupuncture environment."


"The minute I walked in the door, I was greeted by Zahava. She instantly made me feel very safe and very calm. She carefully listened to all my issues, and then told me what I desperately needed to hear, "I can help you"! Between Zahava and Gina (Gina helped me with a roller, Gua Sha, massage and cupping), it took about 4 sessions to feel better. I actually look forward to my acupuncture appointments. Zahava and Gina genuinely care about each and every patient and want them to find relief. I can honestly say that my quality of life has greatly improved. I highly recommend Chicago Family Acupuncture!"


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