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Like other Eastern forms of healing, Thai bodywork (also called Thai massage) is based on the idea that the body’s life force flows along channels within the body, and blockages in this flow manifest as discomfort and disease. When energy is flowing freely along these channels, you typically feel energized, relaxed and healthy. 


Traditional Thai bodywork is typically done on a padded mat on the floor fully clothed. This allows the practitioner to creatively use their whole body (feet, knees, hands, elbows) to massage the client. During a session you will experience rhythmic massage, long held compressions, acupressure and yoga-like stretches that open and tone the body, encouraging the process of self healing, relaxation, and renewal.



Physically, Thai bodywork is wonderful in treating chronic pain, improving joint health, athletic performance, and stimulating circulation. Since everything is connected, the effects are also commonly felt energetically as decreased anxiety and irritability, feeling more grounded, and mentally more clear and focused.

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